I recently went on a trip to Brazil by myself.

It’s rare that I take a real vacation. I didn’t even know where to start in planning one.  I even Googled “Good places to travel in August.”  I was in a rut of routine in New York and desperately needed to re-invigorate myself this summer. Brazil had all the things I was looking for: culture shock, a metropolitan area, beaches, dancing and a reputation for beautiful people 🙂

One thing it had that I hadn’t expected was hang gliding.

Now normally I would NEVER do something like this.  I’m terrified of heights/falling.  I have these irrational thoughts where I  could “accidentally” fall of a balcony, even if that balcony has a protective rail (IT COULD HAPPEN! I think).   But I figured if I was encouraging other people to get comfortable with dance, so that I should try challenging myself this summer.

Watch the full video below to see how that went 🙂