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Episode One

Three Tricks to Make You a Better Dancer

In this episode, we’ll touch on the first basic steps everyone needs to start when learning how to dance.  I’ll give you three tricks to help you learn your first move.

Episode Two

Rhythm 101 | Dancing on Beat

In this episode, we’ll be working to help you learn how to dance on beat by breaking down a rhythm, on stepping to the music. You’ll also learn your second move of a simple step-touch.

Episode Three

How to Dance with a Drink in Your Hand (without spilling!)

For some of you, these are the most important dance tips. Let’s face it, alcohol makes people want to dance.

We’ll go over best practices, moves without crazy footwork, so you can avoid being THAT PERSON who spilled their drink at the wedding reception.

Episode Four

Simple Dance Moves For Beginners | Step Patterns

In this video I’ll talk about different directions for your steps and how to add variation and flair to your basic steps.

Episode Five

Top 5 Dance Mistakes at the Wedding Reception

Here you’ll see my most seen #dancefails at the wedding reception (and learn how to avoid them!)

Episode Six

Here’s my beginner’s guide on how to approach hip-hop music.

In this episode, we’ll take a different approach to grooving to the music you might use during a top 40 hip-hop songs. You’ll get a new groove, and a basic step that will help you approach different kinds of music.

Episode Seven

In this episode, we’ll learn how to do a simple body roll and learn how to apply this move to some basic dances.

Episode Eight

I played DDR a lot when I was younger, and I’ve put together some top lessons you can learn from it!

Episode Nine


You’re bound to encounter an EDM song at the wedding, but you can easily learn a basic shuffle step to dance along! Check out my tips for turning a basic bounce into a solid shuffle.

Lessons from the field! Episode 1 Nicole and Kyle

Follow me on my first Vlog in for Nicole and Kyle’s special day.  Plus there’s some lessons to be learned!

More videos coming soon!